Halo 4 is getting a brand new map for all you Forgers to mod to your heart's content. Featuring some wide open spaces and a whole lot of water, Forge Island is looking pretty damn sweet.

At PAX East, 343i's team showcased some of the brand new areas that include a number of islands ranging from massive to reasonably small. Also, they treated viewers to a renovated version of the classic Halo: Combat Evolved map, Hang 'em High.

The new arena will provide more than enough room to build and create maps to whatever specifications you like. Come April 11th, you'll have a whole new land to enjoy in Forge mode. Oh, did we mention, it will be available for free. It's nice to see a piece of DLC that doesn't cost us anything.

You might also want to keep a lookout for the Castle Map pack which will be released a few days earlier on April 8th. Halo 4 has been out for a little bit and something fresh and new is always worth popping that disc back in the console to blast someone off a warthog.