Ever feel the need to save cats but kick them at the same time? The trailer to the upcoming game, Hackycat, has just been released, and it's an interesting mixture of cute felines, hacky sack, and cheeseburgers.

Creator Ken Wong, who served as the art director for Alice: Madness Returns and American McGee's Grimm, describes Hackycat as a score attack game. The goal is to attain the highest score possible through various combo kicks, with the most lethal maneuver being the super kick. It's imperative that you keep the cats in midair and, in order to increase your super kick meter, kick the cats towards "cheezburgers" that float around!

A powerful super kick hurtles cats all the way up into space, never to return, so aiming the super kick at a number of cats is the best way to go. Wong also commented on Hackycat's Facebook page that if the game does well on iOS, an Android version may be a possibility.