Our favorite vine-whipping Pokemon has gone from the Pokeball to the kiln to become this amazing miniature flower pot.

Thanks to Polygon, we have found out about this amazing, little ceramic piece that lets you grow your own Bulbasaur. Even though it's being listed as a "succulent monster" on its website and not as the officially trademarked character from the Pokemon series, it's all good. There are minor changes, but everybody should be able to see the leaves on its back and recognize Ash's green companion. Now if only we were able to fit a Venus flytrap on its back.

We must warn you that there aren't any plant seeds or any type of botanical hardware with this piece, just the ceremamic Bulbasaur itself. Shapeways recommends planting some Echeveria in it and let the magic happen. If you'll excuse us, it's time to glue a water gun on their nearest turtle we can find...

You can buy your own botanical Bulbasaur kit at Shapeways for only $50.

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