Ubisoft has a bunch of big-name titles in development, but that hasn't taken away from it developing small, indie-looking projects from within the company.

A small group of developers out of Ubisoft have been hard at work creating a procedural animation game that is unlike any of the company's previous projects. Ubisoft has revealed this product's name is Grow Home. You will grow your home on the Star Plant as BUD -- Botanical Utility Droid -- a little robot sent out to examine new flora specimens in other galaxies. Your job as BUD is to make sure that the beanstalk-like Star Plant grows as much as it possibly can. This might get nerve-racking as you reach higher altitudes, as Ubisoft has made sure to implement tiny advantages that will help you out along your way, such as teleportation pads and a handy little parachute. BUD has the ability to freely roam this world and explore wherever you see fit.

Get ready to explore the Star Plant with BUD in Grow Home, which is expected to launch for PC on Feb. 4.