BUD is here to save the day (or, the Star Plant) in Ubisoft's new game Grow Home.

Get ready to play a cute little robot named BUD on a mission to save this new plant species you have discovered despite the many obstacles he will face (and by many obstacles we mean accidentally falling off the incredibly tall Star Plant six million times). You will need to grow the Star Plant as high as you possibly can in order to reach your spaceship and take a specimen of this newly discovered seedling back to your home planet. "We created the opportunity for us to experiment on a smaller scale," Pete Young, Grow Home's Producer explained. "We had some very challenging restraints and our ultimate goal was to create something new and completely different."

I think it's safe to say that the team accomplished its goal -- especially since, originally, the game wasn't even supposed to come out. Now, however, you can get the game on Steam for $7.99 and start growing your Star Plant today.