This mysterious teaser hints that Codemasters is working on the newest entry of its popular racing series, GRID.

Unfortunately, this trailer doesn't really show much other than implying that it's for an upcoming racing game and that an official announcement is coming soon. As the sounds of a high-performance engine blurs by, the blank screen of this teaser trailer flashes a streak of neon light. As the trailer continues, more engines roar by, with each noise being accompanied by a new color of neon coming from varied directions offscreen.

Based on Codemasters' history, this could be another entry in the GRID series or a return to its TOCA Touring Cars series. Fortunately, the teaser anticipated our thoughts as the final neon streak helped illuminate the background icon of the GRID logo, indicating that this newest Codemasters title is indeed a new GRID game. Based on the teaser, it looks as if we will be getting an official unveiling of the project on Apr. 22.

The last entry of the series, GRID 2, was released in 2013 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Hopefully, GRID 3 (if this mysterious game is indeed the third major entry of the series), will iron out some of the issues that plagued the last title, such as physics errors and handling issues.