Codemasters' dungeon-crawling series will be getting a new installment, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, and its new trailer looks awesome.

Codemasters has been scheming away for the past six years and is now here to announce that the new installment of the Overlord series, Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, has a launch window and price set. You can check out the video above to get a feel for the game that will take you through a storyline written by the award-winning scriptwriter, Rhianna Pratchett. Fellowship of Evil will have you playing as one of four Netherghuls in a party up to four players (online or local), where you must spread chaos throughout the land. Just because adventurers killed the last true Overlord, doesn't mean that all the bad things in the world just go away. In fact, they can come back better than ever.

Codemasters' key features of the game include:

Series signature dark, mischievous humor.

  • Rhianna Pratchett returns with a twisted and hilarious tale of evil, chaos, Minions and the burning desire to destroy all things good!

Develop your Minion champions!

  • Our cruel critters return. Call upon your Minions in battle and build them into mighty champions to do your destructive bidding. “For the Master!”

Invade. Smite. Loot!

  • Work your way through the Netherworld and unleash hell on the world above! You will be invited to participate in satisfying combat that will combine unique abilities and melee attacks after which you can share your loot or steal the spoils.

Four times the players, four times the fun!

  • Evil has a new face. Well, four faces, actually. But who wears the evilist? Er, eviler? You decide! Pick from any of four distinct Netherghul characters, each with unique abilities. You can either play as a team or turn your back on your fellow players.

You can expect Overlord: Fellowship of Evil to digitally launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2015 for $19.99.

“Finally the secret dark rituals have paid off!” said Rhianna Pratchett, Mistress of Scrolls “I’m often asked if there’ll be another Overlord game, so it’s wonderful to be back in black helping to create a new carnage-filled evil ride. This is one game franchise which has been as fun to develop as it is to play, and Fellowship of Evil is no exception. And don’t worry, there will be sheepies. We have plans for them. Oh yes!”