Codemasters has posted an update on their blog that discusses the kinds of damage you'll see on cars in GRiD: Autosport.

On the Codemasters Blog, designer James Conway touches on the new features that the developers have added to GRiD's mechanical damage and how it has more of an impact when racing.

A new feature that will be introduced in GRiD: Autosport is "Wear and Tear," which will degrade your parts' performance over time through general use. An example that was given was gearbox damage that will occur whenever you change gears, over-rev or shift at the wrong time. More damage will make it so that shift times increase and make it more likely for you to skip gears.

Then there's collision-based damage that is divided into three major areas: wheels, engine and suspension. Damaging the wheels will cause the steering to become misaligned and will make the car pull to the sides or even result in a blowout. Engine damage can result in slower acceleration and lower top speed. Damage to suspension will cause the car to be less precise and rolling becomes more apparent.

Look forward to more updates from Codemasters regarding the development of GRiD: Autosport and stay tuned to Arcade Sushi for more information about the game.