Codemasters has spoken with some of the best drivers in the world about the dangers of Open Wheel racing to help showcase another discipline of Grid Autosport.

This new trailer for Grid Autosport stars some of the best drivers to drive the Formula-style Open Wheel races, where extreme speed and lightweight materials are a must. In particular, these cars sacrifice safety for speed, because they are moving so fast that the slightest amount of outside contact (whether against a wall or another car), could easily lead to you spinning out of control mid-race. That's not to mention your wheels are unprotected and simply stick out from the sides of your vehicle, adding even more things to worry about. The drivers explain that you are able to use slipstreaming and air pockets to help determine when its best to stay behind a car and when you should try to go around them. Just remember that slipstreaming should be avoided when you're braking towards a corner.

Be ready to put your Open Wheel car into first when Grid Autosport starts racing on June 24 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Pre-ordering Grid Autosport will upgrade your regular copy to the limited Black Edition of the game. The Black Edition of Grid will feature five liveries, additional sponsors, new paint patterns and the exclusive, black Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG couple.