We cut through the dandruff to bring you a list of the 10 Greatest Video Game Character Hairdos. Video game characters have a long history of wild hair, stretching all the way back to the man himself, Mario. Why do you think he always wore that hat? As video game technology advanced, and the graphics capabilities of our computers and consoles developed, so, too, did the quality and inventiveness of video game characters' hairstyles grow. We've scoured the halls of video game history, painstakingly examining every follicle to see which video game characters stand head and shoulders above the rest, in a list of the 10 Greatest Video Game Hairdos.

Varian Wrynn-
World of Warcraft

Varian rocks a mighty stylish 'do for someone who spent much of his formative years battling for his life in Orcish gladiatorial arenas.

Varian Wrynn


Zelda- The Legend of Zelda series

Zelda's many incarnations are all blonde, and all seem to favor having gigantic locks/mutton chops hanging down the side of her face.



Katarina- League of Legends

Katarina probably spends a fortune on conditioner/dye to keep her long, pink hair looking the way it does, which would explain why she's always eager to compete in League of Legends.



Akuma- Street Fighter series

Ever wonder what Akuma would look like if he'd let his hair down? Well don't ask him to, especially not when he's all Shin Akuma-fied and looking extra crazy.



Zero- Mega Man X series

Of all the characters on this list, Zero has the easiest time managing his hair. After all, he's a robot, so the stuff's synthetic.



Paul- Tekken series

Paul's barber probably needs a level to make sure he shaves that flat top into a perfect line.



Phoenix Wright- Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney series

Objection! Phoenix Wright's crazy hair isn't just memorable, it helps him strike fear into wrongdoers in the court room.

Phoenix Wright


Guile- Street Fighter series

One has to wonder — does Guile cut his hair this way, or was he born with it that flat? Can you imagine a flat-haired baby Guile? Capcom has, which is why they're probably already making Street Fighter Babyz.



Bayonetta- Bayonetta

Hair's not the most useful thing in the world, but Bayonetta gets some mileage out of her locks by using magic to transform it into monsters, weapons, and a full-body suit.



Cloud Strife- Final Fantasy VII

Of course — who else could top this list but that spikey-haired, mopey ex-soldier, Cloud? His 'do is arguably the most famous of any video game character, and it's also arguably the most difficult to pull off in real life.

Cloud Strife

Which video game character do you think has the craziest hairdo? Let us know in the comments!

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