Do you like to play with others? Well, we love multiplayer games here at Arcade Sushi, and we're honoring them today in the Greatest Game Cosplay Ever by featuring outfits from some of the most popular massively multiplayer online titles. You'll see some of the most famous cosplayers decked out in outfits inspired by characters from games like League of Legends, Infinite Crisis and WildStar. Check them out below and get ready to feel the need to jump online.


Are you a cosplayer or a cosplay photographer? Maybe you’re both! If you have a particular cosplay or portfolio you’d like us to check out, please submit a link to Additionally, if there are any cosplayers or photographers that we’ve highlighted that wish their works to be removed, please reach out to let us know.

All of the photos were shot by the talented Martin Wong. Support him and his work by heading to his Facebook and becoming a fan.

Lindsay Elyse as Rule 63 Ezreal (League of Legends)

Jessica Nigri as WildStar Character (WildStar)

Lisa Lou Who as Officer Vi (League of Legends)

Lindsay Elyse as Navi (The Legend of Zelda)

Danquish as Yaiba (Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z)

Monika Lee as Demon Hunter (Diablo 3)

Meagan Marie as Atomic Wonder Woman (Infinite Crisis)

Monika Lee as Esper Aurin (WildStar)

Danielle Beaulieu as Haunted Zyra (League of Legends)

Vandersnark as Kayle (League of Legends)