Are you ready for classic, Japanese role-playing game awesomeness? We're turning our sights to Xenogears and the Xenosaga series in the Greatest Game Art Ever (This Week)!

First we take a look at Fei Wong Long, his clone/daughter Emeralda and Elly, his romantic interest in Xenogears. The epic JRPG adventure could easily span over 80 hours and is one of the finest experiences on the classic PlayStation. You've got secret histories, giant robots and a villain who can pick up a giant ship and chuck it as if it weighed nothing. To put it succinctly, it's pretty awesome.

In Xenosaga, the spiritual successor to Xenogears, we're interested to Shion Uzuki, KOS-MOS and the rest of the gang who would go on to try to uncover the secret of an artifact called the Zohar. What ensues is an adventure that is both personal to the characters and will also shape the future of mankind.

Check out the art above and revel in the sci-fi awesomeness of the Xeno games.


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