We're not sure if you're ready to see a bunch of great fan art based on some of your favorite roe-playing games and recent hits, but that's what we're exploring today in the Greatest Game Art Ever (This Week). There's a bit of Diablo 3 fan art in order to celebrate the expansion being released soon, a bit of Golden Sun timelessness and even an almost pixie-like version of Juliet Starling from Lollipop Chainsaw. Take a look at the gallery below!


We’re dying to see all the art you’ve come across or created in honor of your favorite games. If you have an artist or portfolio you’d like us to check out, please submit a link to John-at-ArcadeSushi.com. Additionally, if there are any artists that we’ve highlighted that wish their works to be removed, please reach out to let us know. Where possible, please visit these artists’ websites to see more of their work, buy their products or commission an original piece.

Ellie -The Last of Us Fan Art by isissousa2

The Journey Has Just begun by LovelyMilk

Cammy by y-u-k-i-k-o

CTN 0452-9 by CharlotteChambers

Bonnie Hood by jennduong

Lollipop Chainsaw by ElBrazo

Mario and Luigi - Partners in Time by BrendanCorris

Sora by VVernacatola

The Hero of Time by BobKehl

Zelda Skyward Sword Fan Art - Version 1 by technogeek11

Golden Sun: Summon Apocalyse by skyesong

Monster Hunter Girl by SANTI-IKARI

Raiden by Ururuty

Colectivire by Nanaga

Killzone by alltheoriginalnames

The Destruction of Reality by AliceYuric

Diablo 3 - Anniversary Fan Art by DeivCalviz

Dark Souls Artorias by legendary-memory


Monkey Island Fan Art by lincheana