Like its predecessors, Grand Theft Auto San Andreas will soon be ported over to mobile devices. Given Rockstar's past plans with mobile GTAs, this bodes well for fans of the franchise.

Coming to high-end iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows Phone devices, the mobile version of San Andreas will supposedly be the best looking version of the PlayStation 2 and Xbox title. Rockstar boasted the updated edition will include "dynamic and detailed shadows, greater draw distance, an enriched color palette, plus enhanced character and car models."

There will be all-new touch controls as well, with three different control schemes available for driving and maneuvering. There's also going to be a new checkpoint system, which should make playing on the go more palatable. Best of all, San Andreas will feature full controller support for device-compatible peripherals, including those for iOS 7.

No exact release date or price have been given just yet, but Vice City was released for just $4.99. Getting a game as long and large as San Andreas for the same price would be a steal on any tablet or smartphone capable of running the game.

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