New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie appeared on CBS This Morning and talked a bit about gun control and the fallout from the Newtown shooting.

In his appearance, Christie talked about gun control, but extended the conversation to include drugs, mental illness, and video games.

"If all we talk about is just controlling guns, which we should talk about, then we're not doing enough," said Christie. He says that mental illness should be given the same treatment as any other illness, and that substance abuse can lead to violence. And then he brought up the subject of violent video games, something else he believes should be examined more closely for its effects.

"Lastly, we gotta talk about violence in these video games. I have four kids at home, I don't allow 'Call of Duty' or these other games in. And we gotta start talking about that as parents," said Christie about gaming and children.

According to Polygon, Vice President Joe Biden and his task force is set to meet with entertainment and video game industry reps to discuss gun violence within the next few weeks.

Watch the video featuring Christie below and let us know your thoughts about violence in video games and its effects.