Our favorite indie game of 2013 is going to be seeing a console release.

The Fullbright Company has officially announced that its PC hit, Gone Home, will be making its official console debut. Midnight City, a new branch of Majesco Entertainment specializing in indie titles, will be taking the role of porting this stellar PC titles over to home consoles.

Gone Home builds on the weaponless, first-person exploration genre which we've seen rise to popularity in recent survival horror titles. While coming home from vacation to your home and finding your family missing, you must unravel the mystery of your family's disappearance through clues left throughout the house. What originally starts off as yet another Slender: The Arrival-inspired, adventure turns out to be one of the most surprisingly good stories to grace the video game medium.

Unfortunately, The Fullbright Company has yet to announce any details regards to Gone Home's release date or which platforms it will be reaching.

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