Majesco Entertainment

Girl Fight Review
Majesco and Kung Fu Factory have released their new fighting game called Girl Fight. As the name suggests, the game features a cast of girls who... well, fight each other. Does this estrogen-infused brawler have enough gumption to take on the likes of Tekken, SoulCalibur and Street Fighter? Or does …
Monaco Review
Monaco, the latest multiplayer game from Pocketwatch Games, has arrived and is primed to put together a crack team of shady criminal types to pull off a series of heists. Does this indie title manage to steal our hearts? Or does is it make us feel like we've been cheated out of our money?
Sci-Fi Heroes Review
Like the sci-fi/fantasy section of your local bookstore, the app store is inundated with a ton of schlocky tripe full of cliches and ham-handed coding. But, occasionally, floating amongst the sea of detritus, a shiny beacon pokes it’s robotic head out and provides you with a mobile gaming gem. Can S…