Hearing about Shadow Warrior's jump to next-gen proves that there is at least one Wang we want to see in HD.

Devolver Digital has announced that it is partnering with Majesco Entertainment to release Shadow Warrior on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One this fall. Majesco Entertainment is going to bring Shadow Warrior to retail store shelves while Devolver Digital lives up to its namesake by bringing Shadow Warrior to next-gen consoles digitally.

“Shadow Warrior turns the 90’s nostalgia meter way up, delivering big guns, big blades and big attitude laced with humor,” said Jesse Sutton, CEO of Majesco Entertainment. "This is a must have title for every kind of fan: those who loved the original game, FPS enthusiasts and players looking for a deep next gen experience at a legacy price point. We’re proud to partner with Devolver to bring this highly rated game to the console audience.”

We're glad to see this niche title coming back and getting the recognition it deserves. 3D Realms developed Shadow Warrior to be the Asian counterpart to Duke Nukem. While it was filled with Asian stereotypes, cliches, naked anime girls and Duke Nukem 3D-like gameplay, Shadow Warrior was very enjoyable on its own, and we can't wait to see how its modern day revamp does on next-gen consoles.

"Our fans have been very vocal about bringing Shadow Warrior to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One so we’re absolutely thrilled to be working with our friends at Majesco to put Wang in a box later this year,” added Devolver Digital CFO Fork Parker.

Expect Shadow Warrior to hit retail stores and the digital market for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in late September.

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