Every choice you make and thing you say in Devolver Digital's Gods Will Be Watching can make a world of difference in the pain, safety and survival of your crew. How far will you go for the greater good?

This new trailer for Gods Will Be Watching is filled with nail-biting suspense mixed with the point-and-click gameplay. From the thrilling team at Deconstructeam, Gods Will Be Watching is all about making tough decisions and facing situations where pain, dedication and sacrifice are all big factors. Sgt. Burden and his crew face a bunch of extreme scenarios, such as hostage situations, torture, the wilderness and biological weapons, where every choice you make has ethical and deadly ramifications. Do you choose the lives of your dedicated and loving crew, or the greater good of everything around them in hindsight?

Devolver Digital has announced there is a collector's edition of the game that will include its soundtrack, digital art book and a digital comic. The comic will act as a prologue to the crazy scenarios of Sgt. Burden and his team.

Gods Will Be Watching is currently available for pre-order for PC via Steam, Humble and GOG. Pre-ordering it will grant you 10 percent off of its standard edition price of $9.99 and its $19.99 collector's edition. Be ready to point-and-click your way through this minimalist thriller when it arrives on July 24.