Deconstructeam have released the Mercy Update for Gods Will Be Watching, proving that the gods do feel a little bad for all the death that hits your team throughout your adventures.

This update adds three new difficulty levels with multiple ways to taking on Gods Will Be Watching's gameplay, including two modes that have their sporadic and random factors removed. Puzzle Mode utilizes the Original Mode's challenges without its randomness. Puzzle Mode Light is an easier version of that same mode. Narrative Mode is the easiest way to get through the game's story, without having to face all the hard decisions or puzzles Gods Will Be Watching has to offer. Also, numerous bugs have been addressed and fixed with this update.

"The team is very happy with the release of Gods Will Be Watching and the reception of the intense challenge we set out to deliver, but we've also been listening carefully to all the feedback, and we want to make the game as accessible as possible to every kind of player,” said Deconstructeam designer, Jordi de Paco. “The Mercy Update is the result of our team’s discussions with both fans and critics, refining the game and creating new settings that allow more gamers to experience Gods Will Be Watching at a comfortable challenge level."

Gods Will Be Watching is currently available for PC via Steam, GOG and Humble.