Although Gods Will Be Watching launched six months ago, Deconstructeam is still working on getting out all its rewards to those who helped crowdfund it.

Gods Will Be Watching is Decontructeam's latest point-and-click project that was originally funded through Indiegogo. Thanks to the generous backers at Indiegogo, Gods Will Be Watching raised a whopping €20,385 (approximately $22,847), which is €12,385 (~$13,883) above its €8,000 (~$8,966) campaign goal. Now, Deconstructeam has announced it is finally on the last rounds of sending out the backer rewards that came with donating towards Gods Will Be Watching.

However, giving its backers the prizes they signed up for isn't the only thing that Deconstructeam has been working on. Currently, it's trying to put the final touches on Gods Will Be Watching's first piece of DLC. Deconstructeam jammed so much content into the DLC, that the team is unsure whether or not it will be free to download.

Fans of Gods Will Be Watching will just have to keep watching for updates on the DLC that will bring about, "the epic ending Sgt. Burden's story deserves," as there is no set release date just yet.