Irrational just added a host of new BioShock Infinite collectibles to its online store, and we want them all.

Art aficionados and BioShock Infinite fans will be glad to learn Irrational has just posted a trio of new prints from the upcoming sequel to its store. There are prints for Elizabeth and Songbird, the Handyman, and Charles. Each will run $25, but you can grab a set signed by Ken Levine and artist Robb Waters for $150. The bundle is limited to 100, so you better act fast if you're a diehard BioShock fan.

Additionally, Irrational has added the action figures for Elizabeth and the Boy of Silence from NECA. The manufacturer has produced plenty of BioShock figures in the past, and these latest renditions look pretty spectacular. Each figure will run you $20, but you can get both for $35. Though the NECA replica Sky-Hook isn't available yet, the store will be getting it soon.

Even if you can't manage to grab the exclusive prints, or action figures aren't your thing, there are plenty of other cool items up for sale on the Irrational store. Now if you'll excuse us, we've got some spending to do.