Ninja Fishing has been out for quite some time, and Gamenauts has been slowly releasing updates for it. Now they've released a massive new update. One that will have you jumping back into your boat for a lazy day of fishing.

Ninja Fishing's 1.5.0 update is a pretty big one. It's got so much new content, that if you haven't played Ninja Fishing in a while because you got bored with it (guilty), you'll fire up the app again after this update.

Remember the treasure chests you find at the bottom of each fishing attempt? Now the chests contain actual treasure. 60 in fact. The different boats you buy will spawn different kinds of treasure.

There's a new Shipwreck Cove location with 14 new species of fish. Shipwreck Cove is also the only location where you can find five-star treasures. And for $1.99 you can purchase the Diamond Drill, which will drill right through those pesky mines and also adds 100 extra fuel to your tank.

It's a pretty awesome update so click to grab Ninja Fishing for your iPhone & iPad!