Aliens: Colonial Marines is well known for needing a bit of … work, let’s say. The game suffers from a variety of glitches and problems in both its single and multiplayer modes. We have known for a while that Gearbox was working on fixing some of these problems, and PAX East gave them the chance to give us even more info.

Most of the Gearbox panel was spent talking about Borderlands 2 so some of the Aliens issues were unfortunately glossed over. However, they did give us a general outlook on what they are looking to change. A.I. and Difficulty will be one thing that the patch addresses. Dumb or glitched out enemies will now behave more reasonably while “cheap” deaths and enemy ambushes will be lessened. Gearbox will also be reworking death animations for Xenomorphs, making it obvious as to when you have managed to score a kill. In fact, combat feedback in general is a big issue in Aliens: Colonial Marines and Gearbox is looking to increase combat feedback in multiple ways.

Lots of fixes will be coming to the PC version of the game as well. Gearbox is working to significantly improve PC graphical performance and implement several fixes that will prevent save data from being corrupt.

The big question is, does this matter? Aliens: Colonial Marines has already received lukewarm to poor reviews and it is unlikely that any new gamers will be picking it up even after these patches come out. Without new content, this game may already be deader than the Xenomorph infested space stations that Aliens takes place on.