Aliens: Colonial Marines

Sega's Next 'Aliens' Game Reportedly Stars Ripley's Daughter
Earlier this week, 20th Century Fox trademarked a new Aliens video game, giving fans hope the dreadful Aliens: Colonial Marines wouldn't be the final nail in the series' coffin. Now a new report has offered more details on the next title, including a very interesting protagonist choice.
Aliens versus Lawyers
All of the drama surrounding Aliens: Colonial Marines still isn't over, as a new lawsuit has been filed against both Gearbox and Sega with allegations of false advertisement.
No Wii U Aliens
Aliens: Colonial Marines has officially been canceled for the Nintendo Wii U, ensuring that this game won't be coming out of the walls anymore for other consoles.
Alien Error
Sega's European branch came under scrutiny from the U.K.'s Advertising Standards Agency for the Aliens: Colonial Marines marketing, and has acknowledged the trailer did not "accurately reflect" the retail release.

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