A panel called "Two Sides to Every Story" at SXSW featured panelists from Telltale Games and Gearbox Software. On Telltale's side was Lead Designer Harrison Pink and President and Co-Founder of Taletell Games, Kevin Bruner. Gearbox Software's panelists included Franchise Creator and Director Matthew Armstrong and Lead Write Anthony Burch.

Together, these two teams answered questions from the crowd and debuted some new details about the joint project, such as how the two studios came together as well as the very first screenshot from an action sequence from the game.

It was revealed that beloved characters from the Borderlands franchise will be appearing in the game, thought it wasn't specified which characters would appear. The panel jokingly said that all of the cameos would be characters that fans hated, like random non-player characters from Sanctuary whose names were unknown.

We also get a peek at a new screenshot featuring a character named Rhys (nicknamed "Sexy Cyborg Guy" on tumblr), who rocks a robotic hand. He uses this hand in order to hack into consoles and even robots. In fact, the screenshot we pulled shows him controlling an Autoloader in order to choke the life out of a Psycho Bandit. It was thought before that Rhys was Handsome Jack, the main antagonist of the franchise, but that rumor was laid to rest. Thought it is a little suspicious that he's a Hyperion employee. Hmm.

Watch the video above for more details on the game. There's about 50 minutes of great footage, so go cram some of that sweet knowledge into your mind-brain.