The gaming industry's top 25 companies generated a whopping $54.1 billion in revenue for 2014, and they can thank microtransactions for a lot of it.

The gaming industry has been steadily growing, so it's no wonder that its top 25 companies would make a lot in revenue. However, the fact that almost all 25 of these companies increased their revenue by roughly $100 million each in the 2014 fiscal year compared to 2013's is still pretty outrageous. VentureBeat points out that while Sony, Microsoft and EA, who make up some of the traditional gaming companies, are still ahead, mobile gaming divisions/companies such as Apple, Google and King not only made it to the top 25, but also broke top 10.

At the top of the list is Tencent, reigning supreme over the other top 25 by at least $1.2 billion. Tencent is the parent company to Riot Games, the developers who made League of Legends, the extremely popular MOBA that, along with Dota 2, enacted the MOBA craze (which spawned from the custom Warcraft III mod, Defense of the Ancients). The incredible thing about Tencent being on top is that League of Legends, for all intents and purposes, is free to play. You can 100 percent play the game without spending a dime on it...  people just really seem to like spending their dimes on bonus content. In fact, Tencent came up as the second largest growth year over year at a 37 percent increase. The only company who beat them was Google, with a growth rate of 89 percent. Of course, Tencent isn't just relying on League of Legends for its revenue, but it's still its main commodity.

You can check out the complete list of Newzoo's Top 25 Public Companies by Game Revenues at their website or check out the infographic below to get a quick look at the top 10.