10 Games We Want to See on Xbox One. Is this a pipe dream list? Perhaps. A console may be able to do lots of cool things with your television but it is nothing without a strong launch line-up. The Xbox One presentation only showed us about four games, which isn't exactly a whole lot. So we took it upon ourselves to make a launch line-up for Microsoft instead. Hopefully we will see announcements for titles like these at E3 this year. These are the top 10 Games We Want to See on Xbox One. You're welcome, Microsoft!

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    Blue Dragon


    When the Xbox 360 first came out, Japanese role-playing game fans swore that it would be the console of choice for this obscure genre. Games like Blue Dragon, Star Ocean, and Tales of Vesperia were some of the best JRPG experiences of our generation, and while they all got their start as Xbox 360 exclusives, Blue Dragon was the only game to stay an exclusive. This tale, spouting the familiar art style of Akira Toriyama, is well loved by JRPG fans everywhere, but to this day it is the only entry in its own franchise. Seeing a sequel on the Xbox One would certainly endear JRPG fans to the new console, especially considering their console of choice has traditionally been the PlayStation line. A part of the 10 Games We Want to See on Xbox One? You betcha.

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    Ace Combat

    Project Aces/Namco Bandai

    Ace Combat, a flight sim game traditionally found on PlayStation platforms, made its way to the Xbox 360 in Ace Combat 6 as a system exclusive. Its successor, Ace Combat: Assault Horizons, was a multi-platform game, but many fans felt that the Xbox 360 version was superior. Ace Combat is one of the only surviving flight sim franchises on the market, and bringing it to Microsoft’s new console would cause fans of the entire genre to purchase an Xbox One.

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    Pi Studios/Hudson Soft

    Traditional Bomberman gameplay has made its home on the Xbox 360 for quite a while now. Titles like Bomberman Live and Bomberman Live: Battlefest have brought the same bomb kicking gameplay that we loved in the days of the Super Nintendo to a whole new generation. Bringing it to the Xbox One is a great way to show that Microsoft is still thinking about the retro gaming crowd.

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    FEZ was one of the best indie games of the last generation, and it was an Xbox 360 exclusive at its time of release. The dimension shifting platforming of this title wowed fans and critics alike. It has since found its way to PCs, but a sequel would be a huge boon for the Xbox One. Right now, Sony is really pushing their support of the indie community. FEZ could show that Microsoft wants to support the community as well. Unfortunately, FEZ has some bad blood with Microsoft after the studio charged them an arm and a leg to get a simple bugfix out. But if they can put their issues behind them, this may be the Xbox One’s flagship indie title.

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    Lionhead Studios/Microsoft

    Fable wasn’t just an Xbox 360 exclusive to look out for, it was also an original Xbox exclusive to look out for. Peter Molyneux hyped up this game to high heavens, and it did not disappoint. Unfortunately, the Fable series has been going downhill recently, with Fable III disappointing several gamers, and Fable: The Journey resorting to gimmicky motion controls. We know that Molyneux is busy with his Curiosity project on mobile platforms, but if he could come back and give us a next generation Fable, Xbox One users would be ecstatic.

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    Dance Central

    Harmonix/MTV Games

    The Rhythm Game genre has gone through many different evolutions. We started with games like Parappa the Rapper, graduated to Dance Dance Revolution, got our plastic guitar on with Rock Band, and now Dance Central rules over the land of rhythm. Dance Central is still an Xbox 360 exclusive and if it continues to be featured only on Microsoft platforms, the Xbox One will have the entire rhythm game fanbase cornered. This would be a groovy addition to our list of 10 Games We Want to See on Xbox One.

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    Alan Wake

    Remedy Entertainment/ Microsoft

    Alan Wake was a fantastic horror game that came out on the Xbox 360. It got a sequel with Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, but we still have no idea what has happened to the titular protagonist and the story isn’t anywhere near complete. If the series was continued on the Xbox One, fans of the original would flock to purchase the new console. Alan Wake was a work of art, comparable to other great works of fiction. It’s fans aren’t likely to leave the story unfinished.

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    Child of Eden

    Q Entertainment/Ubisoft

    Child of Eden may be the only must have Kinect game for the Xbox 360. Since the Xbox One has an even better Kinect built in, it would be foolish to not see a sequel to this amazing game from the creator of REZ. There’s still plenty of innovation room left. We could see new weapons activated through new body movements. We can get the Xbox One’s finger tracking in on the fun, letting you actually form your hand like a gun. Heck, the stellar visuals would be outstanding on the Xbox One’s new graphics system. Now, if only the system could let you actually feel the beat.

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    Gears of War

    Epic Games/Microsoft

    Our final two games may be the most obvious as they are some of the highest rated Xbox exclusives to have come out this generation. The first is Gears of War, the game that became famous for co-op campaigns and chainsaw guns. Gears of War is still one of the most loved cover based shooters on the market, and it was one of the reasons why gamers would choose the Xbox 360 over the PS3. It’s also likely to be one of the reasons why gamers will choose the Xbox One over the PS4.

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    If it wasn’t obvious that Xbox fans wanted to see Halo on the new Xbox, then you just weren’t paying attention. Even though Steven Spielberg announced that he would be making a new Halo TV series, it wasn’t enough. We want a new Halo game. We want to be throwing sticky grenades and shanking people with laser swords. We want to hop in tanks and planes and fire at people who are cowering behind cover with a rocket launcher. We want to memorize every last position of every last item in the stage, and camp out so that our friends inevitably run around the corner into shotgun fire. Halo arguably put the Xbox on the map, and it can do the same for Microsoft's new console. And that's why it's #1 on our list of 10 Games We Want to See on Xbox One.