G4: Video game Television is finally getting nixed by NBC Universal.

In its blog post, Great Plains Communication admitted the move was "not a huge shock to the network" due to NBC pulling back on its investments to the channel in 2013. There were brief attempts to save the channel when NBC was talking about replacing it with Esquire TV, but those plans fell through. Since then, the channel has only been playing reruns and occasional movies.

G4 will be removed on Nov. 30 and made sure to apologize for the inconvenience. However, Great Plains Communications did add in that it was not its decision to take the channel out of the lineup. Instead, Great Plains made it quite clear that the big bad wolf NBC Universal was responsible for all changes and that it merely has to follow along with NBC's choices.

Is pulling the plug the humanitarian way of taking off a channel full of re-runs and unimportant movies? If you have any questions or complaints, Great Plains Communications offers a telephone number to call on its website.