Just as players are gearing up to play Turtle Rock Studio's new cooperative shooter, Evolve, Funko is coming out with Pop! and Legacy figures of all the characters.

Evolve is the quickly-approaching, asymmetrical cooperative shooter where five people will battle it out as either one of four hunters or a monster to take control of the battlefield. Funko has announced a line of Legacy and Pop! figures based on the upcoming shooter that should do well to satisfy fans.

The Hunters that will be featured in these Pop! figures are Hank, Maggie, Markov and Val, while the only monster that will be featured is the Goliath. Though there are clearly many more Hunters, and a few more Monsters in the game, it seems that these five are the only ones that will be produced by Funko at this time. The GameStop exclusive Goliath will be a larger figure (6 inches), and it will feature the exclusive red-tinted skin being offered in-game as a pre-order reward.

The Legacy figures are all 6 inches, and come with accessories and weapons from the game. Sadly, the Goliath won't be to scale with the rest of the line, but that's okay. We shouldn't have expected such a hulking behemoth right out of the gate for an untested franchise. We will say it's a bit disappointing that Maggie won't come with a Daisy to help hunt by her side.

The Pop! statues will be arriving in March, while the Legacy figures will be arriving in April. We'll have more on Funko's figures from Toy Fair in a few weeks.