Turtle Rock Studios' latest trailer for Evolve showcases all the hunters, monsters, stages and game modes for this asymmetrical, 4v1 shooter.

Evolve's newest trailer focuses on all the crazy escapades that can happen on your safaris throughout planet Shear. It's all about survival as four hunters team up to take on an monster that has the ability to grow after each piece of wildlife it feasts upon. These four hunter types include the Medic, Trapper, Assault and Support characters. Three monsters will be playable upon Evolve's launch, including the Wraith, Kraken and Goliath. The fourth playable monster, the Behemoth, will be available at a later date via DLC. Make sure you watch the video for all the different playable game types, which each features its own single-player campaign for those who don't want to worry about human characters messing up the hunt.

Evolve spawns on Feb. 10 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.