Are you a fan of Tactical Soldier - Undead Uprising? How about military games in a modern setting? Or maybe you just like good old-fashioned strategy games? If you answered "Yes." to any of the above, then you'll probably get pretty psyched for Full Control's upcoming release, Frontline Tactics.

There's no definite street date set for this game yet, but the good news is that there's plenty to drool over already. Players will be able to command their own squads, customize their weapons and equipment, fiddle around with skill trees, and play through the game in either Single-Player mode, or with friends in Multiplayer.

Perhaps the most exciting feature for this spiritual successor to Tactical Solder - Undead Uprising is the chance to play cross-platform multiplayer. You'll be able to form all of your strategies with your buddies, whether they're rocking the game on PC, Mac, iPad, or iPhone.

This game will be perfect for any of you war game aficionados who want to take a break from the caffeine-fueled run-and-gun FPS games on the market. And for those of us who like to micromanage our covert ops, Frontline Tactics can't come out any sooner. Check out our strategically-placed screenshots and the trailer below.