The indie action-racing game, Fuel Overdose, will be out next week on PSN.

The PlayStation Blog has a new post from developer I-Friqiya ("I freaky ya?"), in which the they reveal the release date for Fuel Overdose, offer up a shiny new "Action" trailer (though it's the "Racing" trailer that's mistakenly embedded in the post), and list a few of the cool things you can do in the game.

Prospective racers will be able to upgrade weapons like machine guns, rocket launchers, and mines while also having access to detonators that can blow bombs that are peppered around the track. Players can also use a grappling hook to snag their opponents and help them maneuver. An added offensive functionality of the hook is the ability to send an electric shock through the cable, though players must be careful since their opponents can bounce the charge back at them.

I-Friqiya also describes the combo system and some of the uses of the game's Berserk gauge, which acts sort of like Final Fantasy 7's Limit Breaks. Being damaged builds up the gauge and will allow you to use Super attacks. These Supers consume one bar and attack everyone in your vicinity. Ultra attacks affect every enemy on the track and will drain your full Berserk gauge. Skill moves, however, can be used anytime without draining any Berserk bars.

The final things they discuss are the shields you can use for defense and the Race Danger mechanic, which is, "a mass climatic disaster that can be summoned anytime and anywhere on the race track," and needs to be bid on in a pre-race silent auction. That actually sounds really cool and pretty horrific at the same time.

Go read through the full post and watch the trailer below to get a better sense of what Fuel Overdose has to offer. And then watch for its PSN debut on December 21st, 2012.