The studio that made Road Not Taken has revealed a teaser trailer for its newest project, Free-Range Dragons.

Spry Fox has unveiled Free-Range Dragons, its upcoming action game where you tame wild dragons and ride them like a cowboy would to a horse. The studio admits that it had a small team working on it while it was focused on Road Not Taken, which would make sense considering it was the company's big debut on PlayStation 4. Nevertheless, Free-Range Dragons is shaping up to be one hell of a rodeo.

Free-Range Dragons focuses on flight. You get to lasso and tame dragons. Once you're in the air, your dragon can use the terrain to propel itself or can loft. There are plenty of other moves your dragon can do as well, such as a flaming dash, fireballs, flame breath and much more.

While no consoles or launch window were revealed, Spry Fox will have Free-Range Dragons on display this weekend at PAX Prime at booth #135.