It's Easter Sunday, so we thought it would be appropriate to feature a bunny (sort of), in today's Cosplay of the Day. Well, she may not be an actual bunny, but Fran the Viera from Final Fantasy 12 sure comes close!

Fran is Balthier's trusty partner aboard the Strahl, the pair's airship. As a Viera, she's tall, smart, and handy with a bow and arrow. Fran can also take on the role of engineer and helps keep the Strahl flying straight and true, much like the arrows that she fires from her bow. And hey, she gets extra points for being able to do what she does while wearing heels.

This is Giulia, a cosplayer from Italy with the most amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail. Her Fran costume is so shockingly realistic that it looks out of this world and like it can't even be real. Some of the shots down there seem like they're product shots for a Fran action figure! It's crazy just how accurate Giulia got with this costume, but we've got to give her tons of credit for pulling it off in style.

Visit Giulia's deviantART page for a look at more of her intricate costumes, which includes a breathtaking suit based on Ivy from the Soul Calibur series!

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Sandro Sebastian
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