The formerly ousted members of Irrational Games have regrouped and have announced their first official project since leaving the house of Rapture.

According to Polygon, many of Irrational Games' former members have kept camaraderie in mind by forming Day for Night Games, which has just announced its first, formal title, The Black Glove. This should come as to a surprise (or shock) to fans of the System Shock and BioShock series, considering what happened to Ken Levine's studio earlier this year.

This past February, sad news befell the gaming industry when Ken Levine, founder of Irrational Games and writer/director of BioShock and BioShock Infinite, announced that his studio was ramping down tremendously to the point of being only a 15-member team to focus on much smaller projects. This meant that roughly 75 employees had to seek refuge at other development studios, which Levine and the remaining Irrational Games staff tried to help facilitate to help their cohorts that were let go. In particular, we're glad to see that Day for Night Games is fully staffed by nothing but former Irrational Games members.

"Obviously, we all like to work," Day for Night Games' Joe Fielder said. Fielder wrote the Burial at Sea downloadable content episodes for BioShock Infinite and also worked for Irrational Games for five years. "As soon as we were out in the world, I'm sure we just started thinking of ideas and spitballing and whatnot. You definitely think, 'Who would I love to work with further?' In the case of the old crew of Irrational, there are dozens of people."

Field mentions that The Black Glove, which is a first-person game oriented towards time travel, theatrics and narrative, is going to be crowdfunded using Kickstarter. The Black Glove is set in a theater called The Equinox, which you must frequently time-warp through to help alter the fourth-dimension for the sake of progression.

"There are certain games of skill and chance that allow us to interact with what you might call fourth-dimensional space," Fielder claims. "The goal is to satisfy the whims of the creator, the critic and the crowd. You're trying to improve the use of these creators' works in the present by changing their past."

In terms of visual style, The Black Glove's will feature Irrational Games artist Robb Waters and senior environmental artist Chad King, who both worked on BioShock and BioShock Infinite. Stay tuned as we will provide more coverage on The Black Glove once more information is available.

the black glove
Day for Night Games

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