Seeing Factor 5's cancelled Star Wars: Rogue Squadron project in action makes us lament for the Midichlorian- filled space shooter that could have been.

According to IGN, an anonymous source provided two trailers for one of Factor 5's cancelled Star Wars: Rogue Squadron projects. Last week, we reported that Factor 5's former president, Julian Eggebrecht, revealed that his studio (which closed up shop in 2011) was working on two different Star Wars: Rogue Squadron titles for the Nintendo Wii. Both were cancelled due to the 2008 financial crisis. One of these games was to be a remastered compilation of the Rogue Squadron trilogy and the other was to be an all-new, multiplayer Rogue Squadron title

In this gameplay we get to see how the controls of the remake compilation would have integrated with the Wiimote and the Wii's other accessories. Using the Wii Wheel to fly a Speeder and the Balance Board as the accelerator and brakes seemed a bit gimmicky -- we just want an optimized, normal version of the space shooter trilogy we loved back on the N64 and GameCube. On the other hand, having a lightsaber duel with the Wii Motion Plus sounds great. It hurts to watch these videos, knowing that the project is in LucasArts graveyard next to Star Wars: 1313.

We'll just have to hope the upcoming games we're getting instead are worth what we lost.