The physics-based game you love to hate and curse at that can no longer be downloaded now has the perfect companion.

Two Lost Soul has announced that they are making a stuffed Flappy Bird toy which will actually sync up to your mobile device or tablet. Why would a cycloptic stuffed animal need such a feature? Because it's going to integrate into Two Lost Soul's own version of Flappy Bird that is based around Dong Nguyen's original hit title.

After syncing the toy to your device, you can play Flappy Bird just be flicking the toy upwards each time you want it to flap its wings, and the game plays as usual. Unfortunately, the toy's controls do not look accurate at all when it comes to registering the moves of a game where accuracy is key. Nevertheless, there is bound to be a market for this.

Two Lost Souls is crowdfunding the project. The bird will cost $15 and you can pre-order it at the Flappy Bird toy's official website. The company has set a campaign goal of $25,000 and has nearly reached its 10% mark with 29 days left to go.

In related news, Rolling Stone Reports that Dong Nguyen has come out of his seclusion and has unveiled that he's working on three mobile titles simultaneously. One of these titles is a vertical flying game called "Kitty Jetpack," another is an action-based chess game called "Checkonaut" and the last is a cowboy-oriented shooter. All three of these titles will feature Nguyen's preferences that we first saw with Flappy Bird: old school, retro-style graphics, simple mechanics and an intense difficulty. Nguyen has stated that one of these titles will be released later this month. Nguyen concluded his interview claiming that he has turned down a plethora of company offers to purchase the game and is considering re-releasing it onto the market on his own.

In the mean time, there's the Flappy Bird toy. We're not too sure just how accurate the controls will be, but we'll let the two following pictures speak for themselves.