It's a bonafide bonus episode of 5x5 where we teamed up with our good buddies over at ScreenCrush to dish the dirt on the worst video game movies.

There have been countless attempts at turning video games into movies. While there have been a few mostly watchable efforts, for the most part, video game movies have all been terrible abominations. Case in point, the five movies on today's list. These movies should have been great. They should have been huge successes based on name alone, but instead, when fans and moviegoers alike wound up in theaters to observe these adaptations, they were face to face with crimes against humanity.

To rundown these terrible offenders, we teamed up with Mike and Matt from our sister site, ScreenCrush, to eviscerate the shoddy cinematography, cardboard actors, and incomprehensible scripts. If you thought you knew these movies were bad before, you were probably right, but at least we're here to confirm everything you already thought you knew. Right?

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