Pull out the multitap, get your favorite fighting game, and settle in for the best video games to play at a sleepover with your friends who are totally there because they like you, and not because you're the only kid at school with a Gamecube. Seriously though, how many great games were there to play with your friends on that thing?

Then of course, the Xbox and Halo came along and ruined friendships for all eternity.

I mean, really, how many times you can play Slayer on High Noon with a 25 kill limit, and never win? The answer is seven. You can play it seven times in a row without winning before you start cutting throats. Sorry, Mrs. Neal, that blood stain on your carpet may never come out, but your son was asking for it. Stupid rocket launcher. Who even decided that was a weapon suitable for video games? What kind of jerks were working at Bungie at the time? Big ones. Big, fat, stupid jerks. F--- you, Halo. F--- you.

And of course, these classic 5x5s will settle any disputes. It's admissible in court.

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