Where's My Water? and Where's My Perry? were huge hits for Disney Interactive. But where does the company go from there? How could they possibly top two of their biggest blockbuster games? Easy, just go back to where it all began -- with Mickey Mouse.

Last week at the Disney Interactive offices in Glendale, CA. I was able to see (and play), the newest game from Disney before it hits the App Store and Google Play on June 20. But, before we got to see any gameplay footage, Disney wanted to show us what inspired them to make a Where's My Mickey? title.

That inspiration came from the upcoming Mickey Mouse cartoon shorts. These shorts will premiere on the Disney Channel starting June 28. There are 19 total, and each one is filled with fantastic artwork and humor. We got to see two new shorts that haven't appeared online yet, and both were hilarious. Each short takes place in a different setting, whether it's Tokyo, Santa Monica or Paris. Sometimes the shorts feature only Mickey, sometimes it's Mickey and the gang. To be honest, they're some of the best cartoon shorts Disney has ever produced. If you haven't seen the first one, you can watch it online HERE.

It's this vintage, yet modern look of Mickey and the gang that inspired the creative minds at Disney Interactive to make Where's My Mickey? Using this artwork, they would fashion an all new puzzle game that is going to please both kids and adults. Or adults who act like big kids.

Where's My Mickey? will be composed of five chapters, with all new, original animated episodes to tell the story. All of the animations are seamless. When you complete a level, the animation pops right up on the screen. It's pretty cool. One story is about Mickey trying to find water for his lemonade stand. Another has him looking for water inside of a mine. Each time you complete a level, you get to watch a new animation. Even the stars you collect in each level are animated!

Where's My Mickey?

They've also introduced a new weather-based play mechanic. Now clouds, wind and the rain will help Mickey in his search for water. The further you are in the 100+ levels, the more complex the puzzles become.

Like the previous Where's My games, Where's My Mickey will be packed with secrets and bonus levels. They wouldn't show us where any of the secrets are, but tapping around is going to be your best friend. Speaking of friends, Mickey won't be the only character with a mission in the game. You'll also have a story with Goofy, and they promised that future content will include characters like Donald, Minnie and Daisy.

If you download Where's My Mickey? on your tablet, you'll be treated to 20 bonus XL levels that make use of the space found on devices like the iPad. These levels are zoomed out and really take advantage of the extra real estate on tablet screens. After the presentation, we got a tour of the Disney Interactive offices, where we saw some wonderful concept artwork, and even got to watch animators hard at work on the game. Take a look!

Where's My Mickey? releases on June 20 and will cost $0.99 for iPhones and Android smartphones, $1.99 for iOS and Android tablets, and $4.99 for Windows tablets/PCs. Thanks for the first look and awesome tour of your studio, Disney. We can't wait to play the game! Look for our review this week.