Dropchord, the motion sensitive rhythm game from eccentric studio Double Fine, recently had it’s first gameplay trailer released … and we have no idea what is going on here. In fact it feels like we now know less about the game than we did when we knew nothing about it. How is that even possible!?

Let’s go over what we do know. We know that the Dropchord is going to be controlled by the Lap, which is an incredibly sensitive motion sensing camera that apparently blows the Kinect right out of the water. We know that it’s a rhythm game with a psychedelic twist to it based on the prevalence of neon purple in the gameplay images we have seen so far. We also know that the game will be largely based on techno based on the track playing in the background of the trailer.

Unfortunately, we don’t know anything else. The gameplay shown involves controlling two points on the circumference of a circle and that’s about it. Sometimes there is a line connecting them. Sometimes there isn’t. Sometimes stars and lightning bolts head toward the circle and sometimes they disappear … for some reason. Sometimes things show up inside the circle and sometimes another circle overlaps with your circle. If this makes no sense to you, it makes no sense to us either.

Add to that a whole bunch of nonsense symbols, bonus rounds, special abilities, warning signs, target cursors, and more, and we can confidently say that we have absolutely no idea what the point of this game is or how you control it. Toss us a bone Double Fine! A brightly colored glowing purple neon colored bone that pulses to the tune of dubstep.

Check out the trailer below.