The 19-year-old Weapon Triangle-based combat system of the Fire Emblem series will be changed in the Nintendo 3DS' upcoming Fire Emblem If. 

Gematsu reports that the latest issue of the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has revealed all kinds of new info about Fire Emblem If for the Nintendo 3DS. In particular, the Fire Emblem series' longtime staple, the Weapon Triangle-oriented combat system, is going to be changed. Fire Emblem's turn- and grid-based RPG combat always revolved around this Weapon Triangle mechanic. It was a rock-paper-scissors-like feature where swords beat axes, axes beat lances and lances beat swords during combat. Now, Fire Emblem If is adding magic, bows and concealed weapons (daggers and the like) to the party. Swords and magic will beat axes and bows. Axes and bows will beat lances and concealed weapons. As you would expect, lances and concealed weapons will beat swords and magic.

Another major change in Fire Emblem If is that weapon durability is no longer an issue for the game. In previous Fire Emblem titles, each weapon had a limited number of attacks, so you would have to limit the uses of your strongest weapons to when you really needed them. Fire Emblem If will no longer have you worrying about durability (except magic staffs having a limited number of charges). Instead, you will have to factor in that stronger weapons will result in its user getting disadvantages for their abilities. For example, a Steel Sword has a -5 evasion detriment and will reduce Pursuit Attack effectiveness, whereas the Bronze Sword, obviously the weaker of the two in terms of attack power, will never land critical hits but has +10 crit evasion.

Fire Emblem If is launching in Japan on June 25 for the Nintendo 3DS and will make its Western debut sometime in 2016.