The smoke is still clearing in the aftermath of the latest Nintendo Direct, but new information about the next Fire Emblem 3DS installment has emerged from Japan, and let's just say these new findings are not exactly black and white.

It seems that the new game, which may or may not be called Fire Emblem IF depending on how you translate it, will be launching in a Black Version and a While Version in Japan, much like previous Pokemon games. Each version provides one of the two campaign choices explained during yesterday's presentation, with the other one then becoming available as DLC for a discounted price. A third campaign will also come as DLC later on.

There's also a special edition for Japanese players, which combines all three campaigns together along with some other goodies, as well as a digital download where the first six chapters are the same then the story diverts based on your path choice.

What the heck is going on here? Why are there so many different versions? The digital version makes sense, it's one game that splits into two paths, but is the game so big that a normal cartridge can't hold it hence the separate versions? Please Nintendo, keep it simple — don't make Fire Emblem fans have to buy two games to get all the purposely split content of one title.

The new Fire Emblem game (and all of its weird versions) launches June 25 in Japan exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS, and we'll see just how successful or confusing this purchase model turns out to be.