This new trailer for Final Fantasy XV takes place 15 years before the game's events, showcasing younger versions of Noctis and Lunafreya.

Square Enix's cinematic Gamescom 2015 trailer features a whole lot of hugging between King Regis Caelum and his young son, Noctis. We also get a look at Lunafreya as well, as she's being terrorized by some unseen villain, who is likely the creepy, old man we've seen in the game's previous trailers.

For those unfamiliar with the game's story so far, Noctis is the prince of Lucis, the last kingdom that houses a world crystal (the same world-binding crystals that have been a staple of the earlier Final Fantasy games). Lucis is being invaded by the enemy kingdom Niflheim. As Niflheim's forces ravage Lucis' capital city of Insomnia, Noctis, Lunafreya and King Regis are all pronounced dead, where in truth at least Lunafreya and Noctis have survived but are separated. Noctis is joined by his best friend Prompto, his royal advisor Ignis and his bodyguard Gladiolus who must venture across the country to reunite with Lunafreya. Noctis is supposed to marry Lunafreya, who is presumably royalty for Lucis' neighboring lands of Tenebrae, in order to unite the country to fight off the Niflheim invasion with the country's combined forces.

During the trailer, we see Niflheim soldiers looking for someone, presumably Luna, Noctis or King Regis. The trailer ends with King Regis crying as he's holding his son, with three massive deities walking away in the distance. While these figures could be Eidolons, Final Fantasy's gods usually appear as a trio (think of the statues of Final Fantasy VI).

Unfortunately, there's still no launch window revealed for Final Fantasy XV yet. Most trailers would have put a vague 2016 at the end of the trailer, but Square Enix didn't even do that, which could suggest that we might not be playing Final Fantasy XV until 2017.

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