If our browser-based translation software is working correctly, it appears as though Japanese Final Fantasy site FF-Reunion has posted that Final Fantasy V will be hitting the App Store in Japan next week.

Back in December when Square Enix announced they would bring FFV to iOS, there was a hint at the end of the trailer that FFV was on the way as well. But as for when FFV might hit App Stores outside of Japan, we can only guess at this point.

You never know how long the delay will be with Final Fantasy games, especially games like FFV, which was skipped over during the SNES release schedule back in the early '90s. The sooner that Square Enix releases the good 'ol stuff out on mobile, the sooner we can all move on from that Final Fantasy: All the Bravest debacle.

As of right now, there's no trailer out for FFV. But if you missed the FFIV trailer back in December, check it out below: