Originally a Japan-only, PSP release, Final Fantasy Type-0 quickly rocketed to the top of the sales charts, garnering the love of fans and critics alike, and now Square Enix looks to expand the popular title with a next-gen port available across the globe.

Though its RPG roots are clear, Final Fantasy Type-0 definitely leans more heavily on the action side of action/RPGs than most games in the series. It's also a bit darker than your typical Final Fantasy fare, according to producer Hajime Tabata, who said that the writers drew inspiration from the Japanese documentary 'Centuries of Picture' to give FF Type-0 a more personal, realistic style while still balancing out the fantastical elements. He also described his approach to the game as being more "physical," stating, "I felt that I wanted to shift it more to be more realistic. For example, when you're battling a really strong boss like a behemoth, if you go at it from just the front you're going to get hit with his counter-attacks. You have to think about baiting it to attack forward, but then break its stance and attack it from the side. I wanted to make it so you're fighting a real animal, but with easy-to-manipulate controls as well as dramatic effects. My basis was to keep it grounded in reality."

Given that Final Fantasy Type-0 has already arrived and wowed Japan, North American fans can rest assured that they're in for at treat when it arrives on March 17, 2015 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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