All eyes are on DeNA and Square Enix's newest mobile game, Final Fantasy: Record Keeper, in an attempt to gauge what can we expect from Nintendo's upcoming mobile games.

Square Enix and DeNA have launched Final Fantasy: Record Keeper for mobile devices. This game will feature all of your favorite Final Fantasy characters of old, including Tidus, Lightning and Cloud, to form the best RPG team of all time. While these characters may be iconic, the way that you can equip them goes above and beyond what is considered standard for the Final Fantasy series — they will be fully customizable with all kinds of different gear, spells, summons as well as hundreds of different weapons.

You can check out the gameplay for this new mobile title in the trailer above. It will feature, "skill-based interactive gameplay," which will allow, "players [to] plan attacks, carefully choose tactics, and engage enemies in active time battles," according to Square Enix. But in all reality, many are looking forward to this game as the most recent high-profile DeNA mobile title to gauge the quality of Nintendo's upcoming smartphone games. With Nintendo letting DeNA take the reins for developing its mobile games, we're definitely going to check out whether or not Record Keeper is a good precursor to Mario being on mobiles.

Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is out now for free on iOS and Android devices.