This new video of Final Fantasy Explorers marks the first time we get to see this 3DS exclusive in action.

According to Kotaku, this Final Fantasy Explorers video, posted by YouTube user GameXplain, was taken from a live feed of a Japanese-only Nintendo Direct presentation. While we were initially unsure as to why there was footage of Final Fantasy V in the beginning of the video, it makes a little bit more sense once you see Final Fantasy Explorers in action. Explorers shares a similar job system to what we saw in both Final Fantasy III and V, so expect Dragoons, Summoners and the rest of Final Fantasy iconic classes.

Final Fantasy Explorers will appeal to fans of both MMORPGs and the Monster Hunter series due to the game's open world exploration and action-oriented fighting system. Explorers' combat is in real time and gives you full control of your character during battle.

We probably won't be seeing Final Fantasy Explorers' western release well into 2015 since it currently does not have a Japanese release date.