Final Fantasy fans can expect another entry in the series, Final Fantasy Explorers, to be coming to the Nintendo 3DS soon.

Jump Magazine (courtesy of Siliconera), reports that the multiplayer action role-playing game is being developed by Square Enix, and will be making its way onto Nintendo's portable handheld.

The game will have users searching for crystals while fighting Summons as well. Players can select from multiple Jobs, which will reportedly include Black Mage, White Mage, Knight and Monk.

Reportedly, the Black Mage's strength is magic, the White Mage's specialty is healing spells, the Monk focuses on physical attacks and the Knight serves as the party's shield.

Fans of the Final Fantasy series can expect to see some familiar Jobs in Explorers. Parties in Explorers can consist of up to four people at a time, with each needing to use a Job effectively to defeat the Summons. The magazine also reports that a wide variety of weapons will be offered in the game.

A release date for Final Fantasy Explorers has not been announced yet.

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